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Armed Man Dressed as Santa Claus Robs a KFC

Armed Man Dressed as Santa Claus Robs a KFC

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Man crawled through drive-through window and threatened staff

Bad Santa: Imposter wore Santa suit and concealed his face with black stockings.

A surprise visit from Santa at a KFC in Alfreton, England, was anything but merry or jolly. Instead, a man dressed as Santa Claus who concealed his face with black stockings climbed through the drive-through window, threatened the staff with a knife, and demanded money before fleeing the scene, according to The Telegraph.

The man has been described as being five feet, 10 inches tall with a stocky build. on Saturday night. A Derbyshire police spokesman says, “A man dressed as Santa Claus entered the building through the drive-through window and demanded access to the safe. He has reinforced that with a knife. Staff have quite rightly backed off and allowed him that and he has then exited the scene with a quantity of money,” quotes Derby Telegraph.

The spokesperson also says that the police have deployed specialist teams to track the robber, including police dogs. They add, “If anyone has seen anyone fitting the description, then ring us on 101 so we can try to piece together what has happened afterwards because it has been quite traumatic for those involved.”

A KFC spokeswoman says, “We can confirm there was a robbery at the Alfreton drive-through. Thankfully, the restaurant was shut and no-one was hurt but we are offering employees any support they need.”


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